Providing Safe Sleep Guidelines for Your Baby's Bed Time

There are many ways to ensure your baby’s safety when they are sleeping. Whether using a bassinet beside your own bed, a crib in their own room, a cradleboard nearby, or a pack and play, keeping baby safe while sleeping is possible with this approach.

Safe SleepBaby

Safe Sleep Guidelines for Parents & Caregivers

You can sleep soundly knowing that your little one is safe and snug in their crib, bassinet, playard, or cradleboard. Learn how to keep your baby safe for every sleep, during naps and at night, with these simple steps.

Safe Sleep Guidelines & Resources for Providers

We aim to educate, equip, and support providers and pediatricians in promoting safe sleep practices. By raising awareness and providing evidence-based guidelines, we strive to reduce the occurrence of sleep-related incidents and ensure the well-being of infants during sleep.